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Antwerp, a diamond of a city!

Price : 150€ (half day) or 275€ (full day)
Duration : max 7h
Maximum number of participants per guide : 25
Meeting points :
Brussels :
Boulevard de Berlaimont or at your hotel
Antwerp : Zuiderterras, Ernest Van Dijckkaai (coach park) 2000 Antwerp

Due to major (and long lasting) road works, we only offer walking tours in Antwerp.

Antwerp is the city of painters Rubens and Van Dijk, the city of diamonds and one of the major harbours of the world. You will find some chocolates called the “Antwerp hands” some “bollekes” and so much more.

We will show you the main sights including the castle called “het Steen”, the former butchers’ hall, the main square … and we will tell you the story of Our Lady’s cathedral – the church with the highest tower of the low countries. Among other discoveries, you will see the Vlaeykensgang, a little medieval alley, the Green square, the museum/house of Rubens and the square of the theatre where the famous bird market takes place.

Some of the other interests are the “Boerentoren” , the “Bourla theatre” and the famous shopping streets nearby.

Options available: A visit to the Rubens house/museum and a tour of the harbour (available only by coach) are advisable, but you'll have to plan a full-day visit in Antwerp.

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