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Bastogne, or the battle of the Bulge

Price : 275€ (full day)
Duration : max 9h (8h guided tour, transfers included + 1h lunch time)
Maximum number of participants per guide : 25
Meeting place : Brussels : Boulevard de Berlaimont or at your hotel

Bastogne and the Battle of the Bulge. This little town located in the Province of Luxemburg played an important role during the 1944 winter. The German armies launched here their last attack in the Belgian Ardennes. Bastogne was a vital communication axis for the invading armies but it fought back heroically with the help of the American 101st airborne division. The city is now very peaceful but retains many souvenirs of that period: the Sherman tank on McAuliffe square and the Mardasson monument built to the memory of the American soldiers. You can also visit the historical museum, the Peace Wood created on the initiative of the UNICEF where trees bear the names of the American soldiers who lost their lives here. Many more monuments are scattered in and around Bastogne. For example, if you visit the barracks/museum of Bastogne, a military employee will show you the buildings of the HQ of General McAuliffe where he said his historical “Nuts” comment.

The city can be the starting or finishing point of a circuit encompassing the battle of the Bulge sites, Luxemburg, the tomb of General Patton, the museum of Diekirch, the Baugnez crossroads where some GI’s were executed but also the Henri Chapelle US military cemetery and the Gleize location which was the most westerly point of the German offensive. (for this, plan several days)

This tour doesn't provide visits inside the buildings.

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