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Art Nouveau, the pride of Brussels

Price : 150€ (half day) or 275€ (full day)
Lasts : max 3h or 7h (full day)
Maximum number of participants per guide : 25
Meeting place : in agreement with the client

For this tour we offer you a number of possibilities :

  • The Louisa / Saint Gilles quarter : birthplace of Art Nouveau in Brussels.
    Your guide will introduce you to some of the Art Nouveau gems.
    Built by Victor Horta, the Hotel Tassel, the Hotel Solvay and his own house (the Horta Museum) are the epitomes of this architectural scope. They fit perfectly with the realisations of other big names as Hankar, Van Rijsselberghe, Brunfaut, Vizzavona and other, less well known masters.

  • The Brugmann / Sint Gillis quarter : as with the Louise / Saint Gilles area, you will find a number of exquisite houses, all realisations of Horta, Brunfaut, Vizzavona and Blerot.

  • The ponds of Ixelles : the Delune and Blerot area. These two dynasties stand at the cradle of two different interpretations of the Art Nouveau. These differences will be revealed to you during a walking tour through one of the most beautiful quarters of Brussels, created around the pounds of Ixelles.

  • Jubelee park and the Squares : your guide will show you the beginnings and the full development of Horta, the exuberance of Strauven, the discrete bourgeoisie of Taelemans, the great Joseph Hoffmann, founder of the "Ateliers Viennois", the turning point between Art Nouveau and Art Deco.

  • Avenue Louis Bertrand : one the first realizations of Victor Horta, and some beautiful houses, signed Strauven or Henri Jacobs.

  • Brussels city center : the Art Nouveau-buildings in the center of town (mostly with a commercial function) are witnesses of the historical and urban evolution of our capital at the end of the 19th century.

These walks can be organised as a coach tour (coach to be provided by the group), that way, you can combine a number of quarters.

If you choose for a walking tour, we strongly recommand you limit your tour to 1 area. This offers our guide the possibility to elaborate on the wide range of houses to be shown.

If you wish to visit more than 1 quarter we suggest you book a full day excursion.

Please mind : depending the prevailing traffic conditions (rush hour, accidents, road works,...) a number of stops are organised to look at some of the houses from close by.

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