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Churches in Brussels

Price : 103€
Duration : 1h30
Maximum number of participants per guide : 25
Meeting place : in front of the church of your choice

Guided tour of the Saint-Michael and Saint-Gudula Cathedral

Even if you have already been inside this cathedral, you will probably learn more about its history, its crypts and its stained-glass windows offered by Emperor Charles V.

Your guide will give you all the details concerning this magnificent 13th c building and its political importance during the centuries.

Guided tour of the Church of our Lady of the Sablon :

This church used to be the parish of the Brussels nobility. It is also famous since linked to a legend of the 14th c which is at the origin of a procession held every year. People of Brussels are very proud of this pageant but the people of Antwerp would probably not agree. Our guides will give you all the details.

Guided tour of the Church of our Lady of the Chapel :

This church is perhaps less-known but it is here that the painter Pieter Breughel the Elder was buried in the 16th c. Today it is the parish of the Polish community of Brussels. Our guides will give you all the details of its history and importance throughout the centuries.

There are other churches in the city worthy of your visit: Our Lady-of-the-Finistere, Saint James-on-Coudenberg, Saint-Nicholas Church etc.

Feel free to contact us for more information about other visits.

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