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The Duchy palace on the Coudenberg, an underground discovery.

Price : 85€
Lasts : max. 1h30
Max. number of participants : 20
Meeting place : entry BELvue-Coudenberg museum (right side of the royal palace, Paleizenplein 7)

The Duchy palace was built between the 11th and the 12th century AD on the Coudenberg. As the prestige of the dukes of Babant, followed by the dukes of Burgundy, emperor Charles V, and the archdukes Albert and Isabella, grew, so was the palace rebuilt, enlarged and embellished.

As the seat of central power, this palace, with its beautiful garden and rich art collections, has attracted guests from all around Europe.

Unfortunately, this impressive building was destroyed by fire in 1731. Fifty years later the ruins were cleared, and the redevelopment and the reappraisal of the neighborhood started.

The existence of the palace risked to stay a well kept secret, but thanks to opening of the underground vaults, today, under the guidence of a GBB guide, this piece of our history becomes open to the public.

Price of the walk does not include entry tickets (€6 per person) for the museum.

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