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Sablon, artistic and aristocratic.

Price : 150€
Lasts : max. 3 h.
Max. number of participants : 25
Meeting place : entry BIP (Rue Royale 2-4)

This tour starts on the ruins of the former palace of the Dukes of Brabant an of Burgundy, palace that, due to an unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, will burn down in 1731.

During the walk you will learn why everybody of name and fame wanted to live in this vicinity. And why all the buildings look alike. And why the statue of Godfroi of Bouillon is protecting the church of Saint-James.

We'll also tell you why the church of Our Lady of the Sablon is linked with Antwerp.

We continue the tour through the Little Sablon towards the Egmont park. The Rue de la Régence with it's music concervatory and the main synagoge in Brussels brings us to our final destination : the court house of Brussels.

ALSO : this walk can be combined with a visit to the Museum of Fine Arts. In that case, we advise you to book a full day.

Entry tickets of musea are not included in the price.

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