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Price : 150€ (half day) or 275€ (full day)
Duration : max 9h (8h guided tour, drive included + 1h lunch time)
Maximum number of participants per guide : 25
Meeting place : Brussels : Boulevard de Berlaimont

Waterloo. Known in the whole world, this town near Brussels was where one of the most famous battles in history took place. French, British and Prussian armies, among others, fought on the 18th of June 1815 in what is now remembered as a major event in European history.

The battle site offers not only the mount (almost 40 meters high) but also maps and the “Caillou” farm, last HQ of Napoléon. Right in the centre of Waterloo, one can visit the Wellington museum which is the last HQ of the Duke of Wellington.

This tour doesn't provide visits inside the buildings.

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