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Waterloo, a unique and not-to-be missed commemoration

Price : 250€ (full day)
Duration : max 9h (8h guided tour, drive included + 1h lunch time)
Maximum number of participants per guide : 40
Meeting place : Brussels : Cardinal Mercier street or at your hotel

In June 2015, be at the very heart of the grandiose reconstruction of an event which continues to speak to the collective imagination: the Battle of Waterloo! To commemorate the Bicentenary of this Battle that left Europe stunned and that was instrumental in determining the future of our regions, the ASBL ‘Bataille de Waterloo 1815’ is planning the most impressive reconstructions ever seen in Europe: 5000 re-enactors, 300 horses and 100 canons. Don’t miss this opportunity as the next edition won’t be until 2025!

Our guide will tell you all about the reasons of the battle, the importance of the geography of the country side, the "mistales" made and many other things.

This tour doesn't provide visits inside the buildings.

GBB V.Z.W. | Paul Hankarstraat 17 | 1180 Brussels | +32 477 02 02 30 |