Guides Brussels Belgium

Who we are

Guides Brussels Belgium is an association of 40 enthusiastic guides founded in 1969.

We offer guided tours in 11 different languages: English - French - Dutch - German - Italian - Spanish - Portuguese - Greek - Russian - Polish - Japanese.

You can book us for visits in the whole of Belgium: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Waterloo to name a few. We're the perfect partner to discover these beautiful cities during your stay in Belgium.

More information?


A standard tour (up to a maximum of 3 hours) costs €187 per guide. A full day visiting 1 city (maximum 9 hours: 8 hours guided tour + 1 hour lunch time) costs €363. A full day visiting 2 cities (maximum 10 hours: 9 hours guided tour + 1 hour lunch time) costs €407.

Each group is limited to a maximum of 25 people, unless mentioned differently. If your party is larger then an additional guide will be booked, for the comfort of the group. In that case you can opt to have groups in different languages.

There are no extra charges for guided tours during the weekends.

Guided tours

Explore our standard guided tours on this website (navigation at the top of this page).

Or, if you want a personalized guided tour, ask for a quotation.

You may choose any meeting point if the city center, only the most-commonly used ones are listed. Please mention your choice when booking your tour (for example: your restaurant, your hotel, your office, …).

Feel free to contact us for more information.